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Borderline / Performance Festival (UK)

25th June 2013
9.20 p.m.
Bedfords Crypt
Norwich - UK

Underground Arts Festival Comes to Norwich!

Tucked away basements and hidden crypts under Norwich city centre will be brought to life with a series of live art performances and events this June.

Bedford's Crypt, Blackfriar's Crypt at St Andrew's Hall, the Underbelly of the Rumsey Wells, The Undercroft below the War Memorial on the Market Place and the Norwich School Crypt in the Cathedral grounds in Tombland are set to host Borderline Festival – an artist led performance festival showcasing challenging contemporary live art from local, regional and international artists. 

Artists from Serbia, Italy (Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser), Ireland and the UK will present work and there will also be a platform for local live art performers to showcase their work. Among the visiting artists is Nenad Bogdanovic, who recently performed at the Venice Biennale, and Shaun Caton, who presented work at the SCVA in 2011. 

The selection has been chosen by Organiser Elena Italia for their alternative and thought provoking work, in keeping with the subcultural, “underground scene” of Live Art Performance. 

“All of the spaces are below ground level – the event itself is a response to the 'hidden' scene of live art here, and is a challenge to traditional ways of showing art” she says. 

Elena has been presenting her own work in the city for the past three years during her time enrolled at the art school, and has a unique insight into the ongoing journey of live art performance in the region. 

On the night of the NUA degree show (the 25th of June), from 6pm until 10pm, the basements and crypts of the city will come alive with a series of live art performances and events, culminating in an informal feast of fine food and feedback for artists and audiences at STEW Gallery on Fishergate.

“I am really looking forward to the event, which I hope will promote live art in Norwich and bring exciting contemporary art to the city.” Says Elena.

For details of the festival program, visit .

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