domenica 31 agosto 2008

Q! Festival (Indonesia) - Debra Kate


photo exhibition by

"NecRomantiKa by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser
@ Drag Festival Berlin - Ballhaus, June 2008
photo by Debra Kate
What is Queer' is an exhibition enlisting works from ten photographers from Indonesia and abroad. These artists presented work conveying his or her own sense of what it means to be 'queer'. In work that he refers to as 'sado-narcissistic', Diaz presents photos by and of his alter-egos, showing some of his pride in queerdom. Christina Phan uses everyday objects to evoke her own feelings toward being queer. Debra Kate exhibiting her photos from recent Drag Festival in Berlin. Ade Kusumaningrum's photos representing love, which can appear in different forms without being wrong'. Arif Hasyim presents his photographs taken at the celebration of International Anti-Homophobia Day which stated how fabulously political queer is. The photos of Ayu Rai Laksmini (Bonnie) stated resistance against stereotypes of homosexuals, by taking photos underwater. Anita Schoepp shares her work in which queer friends live out sexual fantasies in public places, and that queer is fun. Imelda Taurina Mandala work shows her interactions with new acquaintance and the excitement that follows. Michael Brynntrup finally photographs his self-portrait.

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