martedì 20 ottobre 2009

IDKE XI: NO BORDERS - Tucson, Arizona (USA)

11th Annual International Drag King Extravaganza
October 21th – 25th - Tucson, Arizona (USA)

In a few hours we will be in the United States for the 11th edition of the International Drag King Community Extravaganza (IDKE XI). We are honoured to participate for the second time to the most important “Gender Exploration” festival in the world.

We will be presenting an overview of our aesthetic research carried out in this year in Performance Art and Video Art: Human Installations and a Video Art Installation will be offered at the Art & Film Festival plus “The Jeweller” that will be performed at the Showcase.

THURSDAY, 22nd October Art & Film Festival
@ The Screaning Room - Dinneware Art Gallery

_Human Installations
“Il Custode dell'Amore” performed by Kyrahm
“Alfred J. Prufrock” performed by Julius Kaiser

_Video Art
by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser 

_Gender Exploration International Panel & Press

SATURDAY, 24th October Showcase

_“The Jeweller”
Performance by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser Music by Alessio Contorni.

Body art and Drag King are well combined in this refined performance where jewels as status symbol are used to hurt, bringing us back to the atavistic theme of power and the differences of class and gender.

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