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Burn Magazine "Born Kings"

Alessandro Penso - Born Kings
This work springs from the attempt to explore the human and emotional background of a galaxy showing itself irreverent and proud to exist: the bursting and rebellious Queer community.
From the first Italian “gay pride” to the conquest of real and proper meetings, both at the local and national levels, this exuberant movement, the result of different stories and souls, has looked for a thread with a common language, speaking, above all, about the right to exist. So, in this work, the body becomes the protagonist, the soul and instrument for this assertion. As in “Born Kings” shows, stereotypes are overcome by means of the same stereotypes and, with slashing irony, a temporary identity is sought, to be discarded after a few minutes. The moments preceding the exhibitions are recurrent and it is exactly there that the complexity at the bottom of my research is to be found. The glances emerging from the masks artfully created to frame them and never to hide them are superimposed to the muscles that contract while in the shadows loneliness and affection emerge.
The work started in the spring of 2007, when I met Julia and Ivona. They were starting a “drag king” performance in Italy. For almost two years, whenever it was possible, I followed them in Rome, Milan, Bologna, Latin and Berlin. During this time I chose to add the various artists that I met to my work as well. The performers like J. and I. choose to use their body as an expressive and communication form. Recently, the work evolved into looking for all forms of body communication, like extreme body art or bondage.
I consider this a work in progress, as I am aware that in different cultures the diverse perceptions of the body and communication, and also that time may change both social and expressive needs. I hope to have the possibility to continue this project.
This essay is taking part in “Descubrimientos”, the “international discoveries” competition at Photoespaña in June 2009.
Photographs: Alessandro Penso
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