venerdì 11 luglio 2008

Kings Village @ Roma

Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser @ KINGs' Village
The First International Drag King Festival in Italy
10th - 12th July @ Gay Village (Roma)

KINGs Village, a premier event of its kind in Italy, is an International Drag King Festival, organized and promoted by Kings of Rome and Di’ Gay Project, and hosted by the annual summer lgbt happening Gay Village 2008. KINGs Village aims to promote and spread the Drag King subculture, a phenomenon which is finally conquering the Italian gender experimentation scene. Drag King Festival will primarily gather Drag Kings (single performers or groups) from different European countries, who will be given the opportunity to perform and expresstheir artistic aspirations through the contest. In particular, this Festival is addressing the artists from those countries that have recently joined the EU, but in which the life of LGBTQ* individuals is still largely compromised by the cultural, social, and legal rights.

Friday 11th July 2008

Live painting "Miracle of Love - to Thomas Beatie"
by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser

photo by Alessandro Penso

Saturday 12th July 2008

Live painting "Gender Obsolescence"
by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser

(from left) Kyrahm, Liliana Urbini, Ferpecto, Misty Knight, Julius Kaiser
photo by Alessandro Penso

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