mercoledì 4 novembre 2009

KYLIUS - a sad chapter in my artistic life

Short footage of some performance art by artist Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser.

This work was aimed for a documentary film called "Kylius" about  Kyrahm and myself , our performance art and our activity in promoting such an expression in Italy throughout events we have been organizing since many years in both the underground and institutional scene. Though much of our research was documented, by Francesca Fini  only a very small part of the materials was shared.  This is a real shame!

In this video:

La Preda - "The Prey" by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser
Obsolescenza del Genere - "Gender Obsolescence" by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser
Accudirsi - "taking care of you" by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser
La Bagnante - "The Bather" by Kyrahm
Il Gioielliere - "The Jewler" by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser

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